Miley Cyrus Flashes Her Boobs In Racy Christmas Pic

Jingle All the Way! Miley continued to adjust our perception of Christmas, December 14 and she tweet holiday-themed topless pic to support the movement against censorship. Good !

It looks like the weather turned a little chilly (unfortunately , we had to ), and Miley Cyrus was in New - York. " We can not stop " singer recently joined the "free nipples " campaign against censorship and chirping topless rice December 14 , that's exactly what she did.

Miley Cyrus flashes her boobs

Remain very on point with the message against censorshop movement Miley flashed bare breasts, standing in front of a snowy setting. To give a sense of colorful Christmas pass , Miley added cartoon Santa hat on his head and two "Merry Christmas" heart over her um ... lady parts.

Miley Cyrus rude Christmas

As you can see , Miley Cyrus Christmas a little ... in other words, to say the least - even if you do not include this latest figure .

For her performance Jingle Ball, Miley blurred her rude person with accessories holiday. Rocking red, crotch baring Onesie and candy cane microphone Miley pushed the boundaries on Christmas twerking on poor Santa Claus during her performances - and ruining our childhood in the process.

Although to be fair, we probably should have seen it coming .

What do you think Miley topless intermittent rice , HollywoodLifers? Miley need to take a step back ? Let us know !

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