Mila Kunis Leaked Photos 2011

While the FBI is looking to nail the hackers who leaked racy photos of Scarlett Johansson on the internet, hackers have already moved on to their next celebrity victim and this time she is Mila Kunis. Some believe that both Scarlett Johansson and  Mila Kunis might have been targeted by the same hackers.

Scarlett Johansson has contacted the FBI but Mila Kunis leaked photos apparently isn’t that big a deal to her or JT for that matter. At least until it hits the web. Mila’s so-called racy pics, however, don’t just involve her – they also involve her Friends with Benefits costar Justin Timberlake!

TMZ reports that four pictures were leaked from Kunis’ cell phone, with two of the pictures featuring super-star crooner, Justin Timberlake. The racy pictures leaked from Johansson's phone shows her facing the mirror holding just a towel to cover her front, with her bottom completely on display.

On another one, she is posing on the bed with her chest and face completely revealed. There are also some texts and the hacker claims they reveal exchanges between Justin and Mila.

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