A Cute Makeup Idea Perfect For a Holiday Party, Makeup Palette for Holiday 2013

Congratulations, my friend! Let's see ... I have a Christmas tree in the living room ( Still waiting Tabs knock him . What is an annual ritual ) , half box Trader Joe `s dark chocolate stars in the closet and holiday music playing in the background . I feel festive, to say the least .

The other day I was thinking about simple ways to add that holiday feeling in my makeup looks without struggling - or as I like to call them , holiday makeup hacks.

If you are going to get your tree , hitting the mall to do some holiday shopping or just spend time at home with friends or family , adding any one ( or a combination ) of these products in your regular routine makeup simple way to show your festive smell.

And what's really great is all wear , so you can pop one on and not have to worry about touching for hours .

Uh ... I 'm still getting used to being in front of the camera and find out small technical things about lighting and what to do with his hands , and when I say that I should use a different hair clip ...

Please forgive my nervousness. I do not know ... This is how I see that little red light go on record , and the switch goes in my brain that instantly turns me into a complete and total nut , but whatevs! I just keep working on it , and hopefully , in the end, I'll feel less like a freak show out , ha ha .

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