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How to get flawless , natural beauty look that men say they love.Ask any guy that make it look like women and , moreover, that he was surprised that more than two : make-up and make-up , the average man will tell you , he loves natural beauty .

Hey, we get it. Kissing a face full of glitter powder and no fun. But we also know the natural beauty that natural look your boyfriend says he digs takes a little time ... and a little makeup . Here how to get the economy Naturale beauty look like men :

3 Steps To The Natural Makeup Look That Guys Love

1. Prepare your skin . Great natural look starts with great skin . Make sure you wash your face every night and use makeup remover to clean your war paint . Once you've got a clean face , moisturize . Make sure you are choosing a moisturizer made ​​for your skin , especially if it is sensitive, dry or oily . Then give your foundation or concealer base to stick with makeup primer. We love Prep + Prime Mac, which blots excess oil soothes the skin and improves the use of a base .

2. Even skin tone . Your weapons will depend on how much coverage you need. If you have great skin , go for a tinted moisturizer , or just cover the red spots and a slight discoloration , lightly patting the concealer on the ground where it is needed . Need a little more coverage ? Apply a thin layer of pea foundation all over the face . We love Beautyblender sponge for this , but if you use your fingers , use your little finger for easy application .

3. You glow , girl. The key to taking your natural makeup to the next level is a gorgeous glow. Our secret weapon : flicker and lights . We use a style all over Shimmer. Liquid Luminizer looks like nail polish and brush gives excellent control applications. Light up your face with a few light strokes : on your eyebrows and around the eyes to open their peepers , and along the cheekbones to give your skin a sexy sheen.

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