Intilight Intimate Skin Lightening Treatment Reviews| How To Get Rid Of Skin Spots

Nowadays, every conscious about their beauty . They want to look their skin younger, brighter and more brilliant. But for some reason it can not be possible. So most women apply makeup for a beautiful skin tone. Do not hide your true beauty under layers of make-up. You can use skin lightening products for smooth and bright skin tone.

What is intilight intimate skin lightening treatment ?

But Dr. Balshi developed intilight intimate skin lightening treatment . This is made in the USA. This product works to remove dark spots problem and provides a healthy and bright skin tone for 21 days. This product does not contain any harsh chemicals , so it can be applied to any type of skin. This product is for external use only .

What makes it effective?

This product includes purified water , apricot kernel oil , jojoba oil, squalane , hyaluronic acid , alpha arbutin , dimethylmethoxy chromanyl palmitate, laureates -7 , C13 -14 isoparaffin , phenoxyethanol , ethylhexglycerin, polyacrylamide nonapeptide -1 extract of Rumex Southwestern , Saxifraga extract sarmentosa, grape fruit extract , root extract Baikal skullcap , Morus bobbycis root extract , peppermint extract , primrose extract , mallow extract, speedwell herb lady's mantle extract, balm mint extract and extract of yarrow .


It hydroquinone Free .
Works for all skin types.
Shows a result of 21 days .
Purchase comes with a 45 - day warranty.


Retails for about $ 70 , which is actually more expensive .
Not suitable for pregnant women.
Can not be used with other products for skin lightening

How does it work ?

Intilight bottle 50ml. Use this product twice a day to eliminate dark spots. Take this lotion and rub it on the affected areas , it is completely absorbed .


Intilight intimate skin lightening treatment is a natural skin lightening product and suitable for all skin types. This shows the desired result within 21 days. But , this product is quite expensive and harmful to pregnant women. You can not use this product with other educators skin.

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