Watch Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 14 SUB

The Scorpion Zodiarts attempts to coerce Toshiya Miura into becoming a Zodiarts once more while taking out the members of the Kamen Rider Club one by one. A new principal arrives and the identity of the Scorpio Zodiarts is finally revealed!

Gentaro and his friends work to befriend Shunya Miura (football player for the first and second episode) after he has been expelled, and the new Principal Kouhei Hayami arrives. After ensuring the locker would not be removed again, Gentaro and others find a mob led by Toshiya Miura's mother over the monster sightings around the campus.

Gentaro is able to get involved when the school's principal Kouhei Hayami arrives and charms the mob into calming down. While Hayami gives his speech of assurance, which inspires Gentaro to put an end to the Zodiarts sightings, Tomoko remembers the Scorpion Zodiarts saying the same thing to her before she leaves with the others.

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