Taylor Swift Leaked Photos 2011

Taylor Swift, the gorgeous country music singer, has found herself in the midst of a leaked nude photo scandal, just weeks after the nude photos of celebrities Scarlett Johansson and Madonna were leaked on the Internet by hackers.

TMZ reported that Taylor and her lawyers are on the case and threatening to sue the website for trademark infringement if the "leaked" photo isn't taken down pronto. Celebrity Jihad posted a photo of a woman "who bears a striking resemblance" to Swift, claiming it is indeed a leaked photo of Swift lying topless on a bed.

The utterly bizarre site Celebrity Jihad posted a picture of a topless blonde woman with the headline, “Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked?” The post is still live on the site. While Celebrity Jihad has wrote while reacting on the news, "We here at Celeb Jihad vow that there will be serious repercussions for Taylor Swift if she dares to follow through on her threat of a lawsuit against us."...CONTINUE READING Taylor Swift To Sue Over Leaked Topless Photos On Celebrity Jihad:

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