Taylor Swift To Sue Over Leaked Topless Photos On Celebrity Jihad

Taylor Swift denies that the photo is her, and has threatened to sue the website if it is not taken down. Protective of her reputation, Swift has fired off a letter demanding the site remove the image.

Celebrity Jihad posted a photo of a woman "who bears a striking resemblance" to Swift, claiming it is indeed a leaked photo of Swift lying topless on a bed. The utterly bizarre site Celebrity Jihad posted a picture of a topless blonde woman with the headline, “Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked?” The post is still live on the site.
What do you think about the photo of Taylor Swift which has been posted by the "Celebrity Jihad."

While Celebrity Jihad has wrote while reacting on the news, "We here at Celeb Jihad vow that there will be serious repercussions for Taylor Swift if she dares to follow through on her threat of a lawsuit against us."

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The website further wrote, "We have already reached out to the Iranian embassy to see about filing charges in Sharia Court against Taylor Swift for her egregious crimes against Islam and morality. Of course as everyone knows Sharia law is the one true law, and it trumps any sort of silly civil action Taylor Swift may take in an American court."

Shortly thereafter, Celebrity Jihad received a letter from Swift’s legal team asking that the photo be taken down, insisting that it was not in fact Swift. Many felt that the images were not her, while others wondered why she was so determined to get them removed if they were not really of her.

Since word broke out that Swift made swift moves to sue, Celebrity Jihad fired back, saying she is "waging war against our holy Muslim celebrity gossip site." This has been a dangerous digital year for Hollywood starlets. Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis, along with about 50 others, had compromising photos stolen from their e-mail accounts.

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