Scarlett Johansson Leaked Photos 2011 Spark More Controversy

Snaps of the 26-year-old Hollywood actress appeared on websites in September, prompting an FBI investigation. "I know my best angles," she told Vanity Fair's December 2011 issue when asked about the photos that surfaced last month. WATCH SCARLETT JOHANSSON LEAKED PICS 2011:

Scarlett Johansson bares almost all in a new photo hitting the Internet. This one, however, was taken for Vanity Fair magazine, not in a bathroom with a camera phone. She promotes the former while defending the latter.

Scarlett Johansson has laughed off a scandal in which nude pictures of her were leaked onto the internet. Johansson opened up to Vanity Fair in their December cover story about the origin of those now-infamous photos. A 35-year-old Florida man accused of being a "hackerazzi" pleaded not guilty Tuesday in federal court to charges of hacking into celebrities' e-mail accounts.

Johansson said she had taken the two self portraits on her cell phone and sent them to her then husband, Reynolds. "There's nothing wrong with that," Johansson continued. "It's not like I was shooting a porno - although there's nothing wrong with that, either."

Nor was there anything wrong with her dating Sean Penn for five months, with the actress informing her interviewer that the two-time Oscar winner never tied her to a chair, as he is rumored to have done with ex-wife Madonna. WATCH SCARLETT JOHANSSON LEAKED PICS 2011:

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