Mila Kunis Attends U.S. Marine Corps Ball

A couple of days after Justin Timberlake attended a Marine Corps birthday ball to keep his promise good, one of his “Friends with Benefits” co-stars Mila Kunis attended the Marine Corps ball in Greenville.

She made one Marine Sgt. Scott Moore, who had recently returned home after fighting at the Afghanistan front for seven month, proud by accompanying him on Friday evening. Kelsey De Santis enjoyed a party Justin Timberlake. Now you can imagine the power of internet and Youtube.

“She looked very good,” Sgt. Scott Moore told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. “I think all the gentlemen and ladies there were dressed to impress and she was definitely right along with that crowd. She looked very good.”

Last month, Justin accepted an invitation to the Marine Corps Ball. He said “yes,” he will go with her to the Marine Corps Ball in Washington, D.C. “I’ll tell you what: I accept,” Timberlake said, adding that he loved that De Santis referenced his song, ‘Cry Me A River,’ in her YouTube proposal.

While on the othe hand, “Friends With Benefits” star Mila Kunis, the “Black Swan” actress, had accepted Marine Sgt. Scott Moore’s invitation to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball. From Pitt-Greenville airport, the 28-year-old actress was transported immediately to the Greenville Convention Center, where the ball was being held.

A Marine spokesperson Scott Sasser told the source that Kunis and Moore were “enjoying the night.” Media members were not allowed inside the gala. In the video he introduces himself as Sergeant Moore but says she can call him Scotty.

When Fox News asked Kunis about the invitation over the weekend, her Friends with Benefits costar Justin Timberlake encouraged her to accept the date. “Justin Timberlake’s encouragement definitely helped; I owe him one.”

Firstly, the 25-year-old “Black Swan” actress Mila Kunis was surprised but then asked for details and then said that yes she will do this.

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