Leave Amber Cole Alone Video

Amber Cole is a 14 year old girl who is on video somewhere (haven't figured the 'where' part out yet) doing something with her mouth to her boyfriend's penis that I can't exactly describe, but you kinda get the idea.

One Web site, straightfromthea.com, shows graphic images of a young girl that they claim is 14-year-old Amber Cole with blurred-out screenshots from the supposed video. However, if you check out #AmberCole on Twitter, nobody really knows who she is.

A link promising more information from @jordanndotcom's tweet goes to a page that Twitter has flagged as being unsafe. Whether this is a big publicity stunt for "Jordann Marie" or not remains unclear. Either way, the subject of the video highlights a disturbing new trend that is rapidly increasing in the world of social media.  CONTINUE READING Amber Cole Video | ‘Leave Amber Cole Alone’ Video:

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