Amber Cole Video | ‘Leave Amber Cole Alone’ Video

There is a new video that is floating around on Web sites, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter called the Amber Cole Video. Amber Cole is a 14 year old girl who is on video somewhere (haven't figured the 'where' part out yet) doing something with her mouth to her boyfriend's penis that I can't exactly describe, but you kinda get the idea.

It's a testament to Twitter's ability to take a video and make it spread virally. The subject "Leave Amber Cole Alone" in currently trending worldwide on Twitter. But who is Amber Cole and why do we need to leave her alone?

The YouTube video "Leave Amber Cole Alone," posted on Oct. 17, shows a young girl defending Amber Cole, who was apparently caught performing oral sex in a public place. She is way too young to be doing this sort of thing, and with this video making the rounds on the interwebs, Amber Cole has been subject to a lot of scrutiny and online bullying. This is not good, you guys!

Source [International Business Times ]

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