Brooke Hogan PETA: Stop Picking on Me!

23-years old Brooke Hogan can't face the disaster of criticizm of her nude photos in front of her father---therefore she cried on her Twitter accound as she tweeted, "Im SO sick of people saying me and my dad are in some perverted relationship". Brooke says she is fed up of people being suggestive about them and wants it to stop.

When Brooke brought her dad along to the unveiling of the photo at Miami's Cafeina Lounge on Thursday, Papa Hogan was actually photographed with the shot, a source tells PEOPLE. Brooke Hogan appears nude in a cage as part of a provocative campaign for PETA.

PEOPLE quoted about it that to celebrate dad Hulk Hogan turning 58, Brooke Hogan brought him along as her date to the unveiling of a nude photo exhibit at Miami's Cafeina Lounge on Thursday. According to reports Hulk Hogan arrived at the benefit, posing with his daughter in front of the photos, but did use his hands to try and hide Brooke exposed.

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