The Top 5 Myths and Realities about Skin Health

Bright and clear skin is often an indicator of good health in general. Eating a healthy diet , staying hydrated , and make healthy lifestyle choices all contribute to a beautiful skin on the outside, and a healthy body on the inside. Nevertheless , advances in the field of aesthetic medicine, dermatology and cosmetic ingredients technology now offer short cuts to the skin , which is physically clearer , with fewer lines and more even texture and pigmentation . Now we see people looking ten years younger quickly due to cosmetic procedures , there is a "miracle" ingredients that claim to explain acne for a few days , and " Lighting " serum to get rid of dark spots.

Spot free , smooth , peach skin does not necessarily mean healthy skin.

Although many of these treatments and products are effective , they may not be good for the actual physiology of the skin in fact, some of the products and treatments can lead to permanent and long-term damage .

Here are the top myths and reality -5 skin health :

Myth number 1: squeaky clean skin is healthy skin .

Many people believe that they are not removing the excess oil and debris from pores , if they do not use soap or foaming cleansers and toners drying .

Reality: Cleaning the foam or foam all contain harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate (SLS / SLES). Toner that leaves your skin dry and tight often contain large amounts of alcohol . SLS and SLES and alcohol , along with other chemical detergents and foaming agents also remove dirt , but they also remove the protective lipid barrier of the skin , which is necessary for protection against the elements and moisture content in the skin, in addition to other functions . If this barrier is stripped , the skin is more susceptible to free radicals from the environment, various kinds of infections and dehydration - any of which could adversely affect the immune system and accelerate the aging process of the skin.
Myth number 2 : skin care products from the spa or doctor is always good for the skin .

Reality: While professional and medical skin care products do contain higher concentrations of higher quality ingredients than the drug and department store products, more is not always better . While it is always important to get the best quality ingredients available , super- high concentrations of active ingredients , even seemingly beneficial ingredients like vitamin A or C or alpha hydroxy acid - can irritate the skin and increase its sensitivity to the rays the sun , and to break its barrier function .

Myth number 3: Higher SPFs prevent skin cancer is better than lower SPFs .

Reality: A higher SPF does not mean better protection , or you can stay in the sun without reapplying for longer periods of time. If this were indeed the case, skin cancer is not as prevalent as it is now . It just means more chemicals that may do more harm than good , as most of the chemicals used in conventional sunscreens (eg , oxybenzone ) has been shown to cause toxic effects to the body. By Kabana Skin Care , "SPF 15 is equivalent to 93.3 % of UV absorption , which means using a product 93.3 % of UV your skin would otherwise be absorbed by the absorbent becomes a product. Doubling the value of SPF 30 provides 96.7 % UV absorption , or only 3.4 % more UV protection "It is best to use a product with SPF 15-30 and again about every two hours ; . Or immediately after leaving the pool , sweating, or terry after training.

Myth number 4 : Alcohol has no effect on the skin.

Reality: Getting flushed cheeks , neck, or ears after a few drinks may seem that temporary inconvenience for some. However, drinking too much alcohol (especially on a regular basis ) can cause the capillaries near the surface of the skin dilate , and they can be markedly expanded on an ongoing basis . It is commonly called " broken capillaries . " Too much alcohol also takes a huge loss of liver and liver toxicity is currently expected to promote the development of melasma (mask, as a sample of hyperpigmentation or dark spots , which can be tables ) , acne, rosacea and other conditions .

Myth number 5 : exfoliating regularly is necessary for healthy skin.

People seem to be obsessed with peeling these days. Scrubs at home , spinning face brush , alpha hydroxy acid peels and microdermabrasion treatment has grown rapidly in popularity because people are convinced that they must constantly shelled the old , dead skin , so bright , young skin cells under can come to the surface .

Reality: The stratum corneum ( the outer "dead" layer of the epidermis ) is simply wrong. It protects the layers under the house that the cells that produce the skin pigment cells that enhance the immune system, and the cells that produce the proteins of youth, collagen and elastin. Skin cells are produced in these deeper layers and gradually smoothed and rise to the surface at the time when the "old" shed yourself. Forcing speed cell turnover to accelerate cell brings to the surface before they are ready, which may cause them to form properly or become damaged . It also leads to excessive inflammation cells in the deeper layers of the skin , which can lead to DNA damage and skin thinning - both of which decrease in immunity and accelerate skin aging. To maintain a healthy rate of cell turnover , try to eat a healthy diet , exercise, nutritional and using gentle products , and drink more water !

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