Megan Piper agrees to be student Mike Stone's prom date

When 18-year old Minnesota high school student Michael Stone realized that just about every girl in his class had a prom date already, he decided to pursue other avenues to find an escort; he took to Twitter. His date is now appearing to be Megan Piper, who will join Mike should he be able to cover the travel fees.

Megan Piper, who never made it to her senior prom, said she’d be willing to attend the dance as long as Stone took care of the travel costs from Los Angeles. The 19-year-old's acceptance comes with one small condition - Mike has to pay her air fare for a round trip from Los Angeles to Oakdale, Minnesota.

“If you can get me there, then yes :) ,” she tweeted. And adult film star Emy Reyes was honored by the proposal, “Awww that’s reappear [sic] hun and i would love tooo.” She and Piper are friends, however, and the two of them just may decide to go together, making Michael the awesomest kid to ever walk the planet. Piper said she’s excited about the possibility of attending the dance with Stone.

“I thought it was really cute, and I thought it would make his night by saying ‘yes’,” she told The Huffington Post. After news of his search became the top post on social news site Reddit at the weekend, Mike received more than 750 Twitter followers overnight.

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