Watch Dream High 2 Ep 16 Eng Sub Video

When JinWoon started to care for Jiyeon's feelings he never thought that it would be the start. Maybe Yoojin just find Ri-An pitiful, because she always failed and get hurt by the people she loves the most .

When Rian is down & in tears YooJin is always there to wipe those pain away .!!! The love that they've been chasing was gone .!!! And they find themselves both Failed in LOVE ..!!!

But they accidentally fall & unintentionally develop feelings to each other ..!! It All Started with a JOKE when JB said " I LOVE YOU " to Kang Sora but suddenly the Joke became Real ...!!! From a Die Hard Fan now they are LOVERS ..!!!

There's nothing impossible in LOVE !!! Just Continue to DREAM... Cause that Dream might come true in the ENd

Never Give Up

Continue chasing

Never Stop Dreaming


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