Veena Malik Nude Picture In Indian Magazine

An alleged photograph of the Pakistani actress Veena Malik posing no-clothes appeared on the Indian online edition of the international monthly men’s lifestyle magazine FHM, is circulating in the Web. This photo is “FAKE”, according to the manager of the Veena.

Of course, this will create stir in the country even she is also wearing the initials “ISI” Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence. The photo shoot of scandalous girlfriend of Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Asif and actor/model Babrak Shah, has gone viral on the web and among her Pakistani fans and critics.

Veena is still facing a huge disaster of criticizm of her appearance in the Indian reality show “Bigg Boss”—but this will create a lot of controversy. Veena Mailik told to the Pakistani magazine “The Express Tribune” while confirming the news that photo is 100% FAKE, “People must know that I am an actress, and any one can take my picture and morph it.”
Sohail Rashid, a representative of Veena Malik, also spoke about it, “Veena knows her limits. I know we have done quite bold stuff/shoots, those which are available on our website, but she knows her parameters.”

Veena Malik then told to the “The Times of India” and confirmed that this image is not her—she said while talking with the TOI, “I have never posed nude. I have never done anything like that ever. My manager and legal team is looking into the matter. We will take legal action against them. The picture has been morphed. Its not me. Definitely not.”

A Facebook user has challenged that this is fake and described himself as a “Photographer” and wrote that simple way to check it save then open photo and zoom it until u clearly find the broken pixel between body ,face and block letters written as ISI ..huge pixel difference its totally fake.”

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