Miley Cyrus Get Breast Implants?

Miley Cyrus looked so good at recent gala events that her cleavage came under intense scrutiny. After her relatively tasteful display of cleavage at the CNN "Heroes" tribute on December 11, rumors have been flying thick and fast that the formerly sweet little Hannah Montana has had breast augmentation surgery.

Star magazine even published comments by three different plastic surgery experts who believed that she had actually undergone breast enhancement. Her comment refers to Star Magazine's experts who went on record saying her breasts looked surgically enhanced.

"Her breasts are very nice and round and it looks like she has had them done," said Dr. Tahl Humes of Vitahl Medical Aesthetics in Colorado. "She might have had small implants, which is nice, because she is a small girl with a small frame."

"Thank you for the compliment but these babies are all mine. I wish they'd realize you don't have to be fake to be beautiful!" the 19-year-old Hannah Montana star tweeted on Tuesday. So there you have it. Straight from Miley Cyrus' mouth. And while haters will, no doubt, disbelieve her, she's probably telling the truth.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Brian Glaat, who is based in New Jersey, concurs: "The outline of the implants are clearly visible in the inner lower portions of her breasts. Even a large weight gain would not produce breast enhancement to this degree without implants!"

The webloid cites three different surgeons as saying that Cyrus likely had implants, while admitting that “none of the doctors had treated Cyrus previously.” Michael Niccole of Orange County, California’s Cosmeticare agreed, telling Star: “It appears that Miley has recently undergone breast enhancement surgery", quoted by RadarOnline.

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