Whitney Duncan Secretly Marries And Splits

People magazine claims to have confirmed that the country-turned-reality star is married. This is the thing that Whitney Duncan neglected to tell "Survivor" producers when she was cast as part of the crew currently toughing it out on "Survivor: South Pacific." Whitney Duncan's Survivor: South Pacific bio says she is 27, resides in Nashville and is a country music singer.

However, things took a turn for the worse when Whitney decided to try out her survival skills on reality tv. "Donny was totally faithful while she was gone,” says a close friend. “He even went to help out at her parents’ house in West Tennessee a couple times.” According to People's source, she called Duncan before returning to Nashville to tell him about the tryst.
Whitney Duncan and Keith Tollefson on "Survivor: South Pacific." (Photo: People Magazine)

The couple apparently went to great lengths to keep their union a secret, but did announce their 'engagement' to friends and family before Whitney left to compete on the show. Fallgatter, from Bismark, N.D., is lead singer for the band KingBilly. According to a fellow band member, sparks first flew for the couple when their paths crossed in June 2010 during the CMA Music Festival in Nashville.

"I called him and he was really upset so I went over to his place," says the source. "That's when he told me that she wasn't his fiancee, but his wife, that they had gotten married the summer before. I was totally shocked."

I’ve never heard of them either, but the poor dude! Could you imagine being her poor husband watching your wife get into another relationship on TV?

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