Shania Twain Stalker Denied Bail

Shania Twain's alleged stalker was denied bail on Wednesday and didn't take the ruling lightly, instead lashing out at the courtroom. Giovanni (John) Palumbo, the Ottawa doctor charged with stalking singer Shania Twain will be held in custody following a failed Bail Hearing at Toronto's Old City Hall.

He was arrested at an awards show earlier this year and he pleaded guilty to harassment charges on September 30th after Twain openly expressed her fear and anxiety over the situation in a live video link. Last month, Giovanni Palumbo pleaded guilty to criminal harassment and one count of failure to comply with a court order. He pleaded guilty after testimony from Twain.

"You know you're all very sick, you really are -- it's so sad," Palumbo said. "Have fun, because I'm going to keep having fun, wherever I am... What a bunch of psychopaths. Woo hoo. Shame, shame, shame. Shame on all of you!" Palumbo has been imprisoned since he was arrested outside the Juno Awards this past March.

Defense lawyer Gary Barnes had proposed that Palumbo would return to his last residence, Toronto’s Royal York hotel. He added that Palumbo would abstain from contacting Twain and would agree to pursue any treatment plans deemed necessary by the court.

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