Megyn Kelly's Pepper Spray Comment Causes a Stir

Ever since Megyn Kelly told Bill O'Reilly on Monday night that the UC-Davis protestors really were doused with a "food product," the Internet has lambasted the Fox News anchor for comparing pepper spray to something you might enjoy on Thanksgiving.

Thankfully for Fox fans, the host has since come to her conservative senses, appearing on Bill O’Reilly’s The O’Reilly Factor to discuss the controversial incident last weekend when more than a dozen UC Davis students were pepper sprayed during an Occupy protes. She said of the substance, “it’s like a derivative of real pepper. It’s a food product essentially.”

As Kelly later noted, the incident sent several people to the hospital and caused the school to place Lt. John Pike, another officer and UC Davis police chief Annette Spicuzza on administrative leave. It also states, "To back up your claim that pepper spray is a food product, please consume as much of it as was sprayed on each protestor's (sic) face, in one sitting, on camera at Fox News.
The cherry on Kelly's less than cheery week is a "Funny or Die" video that was released Wednesday. The video features a Thanksgiving special where "Kelly" shows the audience and her children how to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey. Erin Gibson plays a wild-eyed Kelly in a cooking segment, showing frightened viewers how a true red-blooded Republican like her prepares Thanksgiving dinner.

Kelly told O’Reilly that pepper spray- which has been known to precipitate severe reactions including death- is essentially “a food product,” brushing off concerns about its use at non-violent protests.

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