Humpback Whale Surfaces In Front Of Bikini-Clad Paddler [VIDEO]

A group of humpback whales have been hanging around the Santa Cruz shoreline, and one of them came VERY close to a surfer and a couple of kayakers. A female surfer and two people in a kayak floating off Santa Cruz, Calif. got the surprise of their lives when two feeding humpback whales lunged out of the water, with jaws wide open, dangerously close to them.

The U.S. Coast Guard is handing out $2,500 fines for whale harassment to people who don't stay at least 100 yards away from the whales. The photographer was Barb Roettger, a Santa Cruz massage therapist and ocean enthusiast. She was out with a friend in a kayak, taking pictures with a basic digital (and non-waterproof) camera.

Watch video below:-

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