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The Apple "Let's talk iPhone" event is just two days away, and up-to-the-last minute rumors have been rampant. On Tuesday, we'll have all the facts confirmed about the the Apple iPhone 5 release date and features. CEO Tim Cook will preside for retired company co-founder and long-time leader Steve Jobs, according to a report of IB Times.

Normally, the next-generation iPhone is released every year around June or July. And due to the popularity of the phone at launch, many customers are stuck waiting anywhere from weeks to even a month or two before they can get their hands on one. It is hard to say how much time will pass between the iPhone 5 (or is it just an iPhone 4S) announcement and the release.

If this iPhone 5 UK release date would also be true for the US, it would put the iPhone 5 launch in the crazy Black Friday week (Black Friday 2011 is Nov. 25).  The iPhone 5 is perhaps the most anticipated cell phone of 2011, maybe even the most anticipated electronical item of all time but when will it be on sale?

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