While most expectant mothers hide beneath unshapely maternity wear, Beyonce Knowles wants the world to see her growing tummy. On Friday, Jay-Z's pregnant wife showed off her growing belly in a short, tight black dress.

Earlier in the week, a rep for the 30-year-old entertainer shot down rumors that she was wearing a fake baby bump. Many people are asking that question after the singer’s pregnant belly seemed to fold in on itself on the Australian talk show “Sunday Night HD.”

The pop idol showed how Sasha Fierce does maternity wear when she was spotted running errands around New York City in a tight dress and sexy black stilettos. As she ran errands in Manhattan, she didn't exactly dress for the rainy weather, but her bodyguard protected her hair and heels with an umbrella.

A video hit the web earlier this week of Beyonce appearing on Australian TV show Sunday night. Some web skeptics claimed her stomach appeared to "fold" when she sat down into her chair. As Beyonce sat down before her cowboy hat-clad interviewer, her mid-section appeared to collapse, causing some to wonder if she’s wearing a prosthetic belly.

Her rep told ABC that the fake bump rumors were "stupid, ridiculous and false." A rep for Beyonce did not immediately respond to’s request for comment.

"RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS)" singer seems keen to show off her bump after speculation that she was sporting a fake one earlier this week. Beyonce’s form-fitting outfit is a direct affront to the rumors that B is faking her pregnancy.

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