'Avengers' Trailer Movie Online

Marvel has released the first full-length trailer for "The Avengers," starring Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson. The new trailer for The Avengers gives fans a first look at the live action Avengers movie that continues Thor's battle against his evil half-brother Loki.

Directed by Joss Whedon and featuring all of your favorite Marvel heroes including Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and ol' Shellhead himself (Robert Downey Jr.), "The Avengers" is poised to be the biggest comic book movie of all time ... and the trailer certainly helps to sell that epic scope.
'Avengers' Trailer Movie Online

The clip includes a full dose of slow-mo chaos that prompts Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury to assemble his team of superhero all-stars with this epic call to arms: “There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people so when we needed them, they could fight the battles that we never could.” The two minute Avengers trailer shows the inception of The Avengers team, who will later go on to fight evil throughout the Marvel comic book universe.

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