iPhone 5 release date might be most buzzing topic among tech geeks. The rumors about the iPhone 5 launch being in October have finally been confirmed: Apple has officially set iPhone 5 launch event for October 4.

Apple will introduce the iPhone 5 at its Cupertino headquarters in California on Oct. 4 at 10 a.m. (local time). The highly anticipated new model, which comes over one year after its predecessor in June of last year, will likely serve as a stress test for the popularity of  Samsung's Galaxy S 2 and the new high-speed Galaxy S2 LTE, which runs on 4G tech. Shortly after Apple unveiled iOS 5, the cloud-friendly operating system that will soon reside inside current and future iPhones, there was speculation that the iPhone 5 would look almost exactly like the iPhone 4. BLACK FRIDAY 2011 AND iPhone 5 RELEASE DATE:

The innards would be different, but most people could simply swath iPhone 5s in the same cases as their previously adored iPhone 4s. As you'd expect from Apple, there are no details available on what devices will be launched and who will be delivering the keynote address, but it's Tim Cook's first big opportunity since he became Apple Inc's CEO.

The widespread assumption is that Apple’s “Let’s talk iPhone” tease is in reference to the iPhone 5, and that’s probably a correct one. However, it’s no guarantee. The “talk” part of the invite is in reference to Apple’s unannounced new Assistant feature of iOS 5, which allows you to control your iPhone in a human manner simply by speaking to it.  BLACK FRIDAY 2011 AND iPhone 5 RELEASE DATE:

Previously there had been lots of rumors about the iPhone 5 release date. Some reports were saying that it might be released in September while others were saying it might be released in October. The October 4 date was first hinted at by All Things D’s John Paczkowski last week.

He reported that the new Apple CEO Tim Cook will officially announce the iPhone 5 during a special media event. BLACK FRIDAY 2011 AND iPhone 5 RELEASE DATE:

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