Former Girls Next Door star Holly Madison has insured her breasts for $1m. She said she took out the policy to protect herself and others in her Las Vegas production, "Peepshow."

Since she began appearing topless in the Las Vegas production of "Peepshow," Holly says she's more aware than ever of the value of her bosom.Madison has said she had plastic surgery in 2001 that took her from an A-cup size to a larger D-cup.

Madison isn’t the only person to take out an insurance policy on something a little… different. Model Heidi Klum is said to have insured her legs for $1m and Jennifer Lopez was reported to have insured her bottom for $27m. 

Madison, who was Hugh Hefner's girlfriend and appeared on "The Girls Next Door," also stars in the reality show "Holly's World," which documents her life in Vegas. All three lived with 84-year-old Hefner at the Playboy mansion and the series followed their day to day activities.

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