Wing-walker Todd Green Funeral | Wing-walker Todd Green Youtube

Stuntman Todd Green, the son of legendary wing walker and skydiver Eddie 9The Grip) Green, is dead after falling from the wing of a plane on Sunday afternoon at the Selfridge Air Show in Harrison Township, Michigan. As these terrifying pictures show, Todd Green had been attempting to grab on to a helicopter hovering above a bi-plane as part of a death-defying stunt.

A former wing walker who once worked with Green says he was one of only two people to do the stunt but had performed it many times. Kyle Franklin says Green was “an excellent stuntman.”

"The entire Selfridge family joins together in mourning the death of Mr. Green. Our hearts reach out to those who are impacted by this tragedy, including his family, friends and our many visitors who witnessed this tragic event," said Col. Michael Thomas, 127th Wing commander at Selfridge. CONTINUE READING Wing-walker Todd Green Death During Selfridge Air Show:

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