Ooma VOIP Service Is DOWN Nationwide

Reports are trickling into to our tipline that Ooma, a popular VOIP service, is currently experiencing major network issues. Currently, Ooma’s phone service seems offline nationwide, and their website and support forums are working sporadically if at all.

Ooma is a consumer telecommunications company based in Palo Alto, California, in the United States that allows its users to make free phone calls anywhere in the United States with no monthly service Fees.

Ooma allows customers with existing landline, cable, DSL-based VoIP service, or mobile service to port their number to Ooma, provided their number is available and able to be ported. Some users (mostly in California) are reporting that their service is returning, but right now, it would appear that a majority of subscribers are unable to make or receive phone calls.

Another outage similar in scale to this one occurred in 2009, with service remaining offline for nearly 6 hours....You can read full article on Washington Post.

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