[Video] Wang Peng Fei Mocked S’poreans Flees The Country

A police report has been lodged against 21 year old PRC ‘talent and Singapore. Wang reportedly came to the Singapore for studying. He was done graduation from (EASB). Wang Peng Feidid his graduation in 2008 from the East Asia Institute of Managment. The video is leaked out and this videois about 3 to 4 minutes.

In this video Wang Peng Fei hurled vicious attacks on Singaporeans including describing its local Chinese as descendents of poor Chinese coolies.

Besides poking fun at the language, social habits and culture of Singaporeans, Wang also made offensive racist remarks about Singapore women from the minority races.

Between 2:25 and 2:30 of the clip, 21-years old Wang Peng Fei quipped:

“Why are xxx girls so black? It must be that they only know how to give birth!”

He added that the refusal of Singapore Chinese women to have more babies is creating countless of problems for the ‘Lee dynasty’.

The report was lodged yesterday online by pro-Singaporean leader Alex Tan Zhi Xiang who contested in the recent general election against Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in Ang Mo Kio GRC where his team garnered a respectable 31 percent of the votes.

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