Selena Gomez Dresses The Part After Cathing The Eye of Sex and the City Prequel

While she spent the day in an elegant black cocktail dress, 18-year-old Selena Gomez was dressed in an outfit more befitting her age tonight, Daily Mail reports. “Sex and the City” creator Candace Bushnell is looking at Justin Bieber’s girlfriend Seleena Gomez to play a young Charlotte in the series’s prequel called The Carrie Diaries.

Justin Bieber’s gal pal girlfriend would be perfect for the role made famous by actress Kristin Davis in Sex and the City on HBO and two movies. 

“Sex and the City” creator Candace Bushnell told The Daily Caller during a book party for her new novel, Summer and the City, “I’m going to get into trouble for this, but I was looking at some pictures of Selena Gomez today and thinking she’d make a really good young Charlotte. She’s so pretty. I was like, ‘Gosh, wouldn’t she be great?’”

 “She’s so pretty. I was like… gosh, wouldn’t she be great?”

“Sex and the City” author Candice Bushnell revealed that Selena Gomez would be perfect as a young Charlotte York in a Sex and the City prequel.

Monto Carlo, the latest film if Selena Gomez has just hit theatres this past weekend.

What do you think Justin Bieber’s gal pal girlfriend Selena Gomez would make a good Charlotte? And will her 17-year-old boyfriend, Justin Bieber, ready for this move? (Photo Credit Daily Mail)

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