Pippa Pics Cause Stir In UK, She Causes A Stir Down Under

Although it is sister Catherine that has become a princess, Pippa Middleton has made the headlines of thousands of papers around the world since she stepped out as lead bridesmaid at Westminster Abbey. Her royal hotness Pippa Middleton is a big hit Down Under. The sexy bridesmaid's derriere has been celebrated on Facebook. This week we’ve learned Hollywood wants to make a film about her life, she has an A-list stalker, and is being “bombarded” by a singer desperate for a date.

Her pictures of her sunbathing on a yacht, diving off the edge, and taking off her top have been around for five years now, but not until a few weeks ago (read: the royal wedding) did they become the center of everyone's attention...and a large lawsuit.

Accused of stealing the thunder of the newlyweds - including a Facebook page dedicated Pippa's posterior called the Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society with 215,000 likes the party planner is now gobbling up Google searches thanks to some topless photos that had surfaced.

Middleton has been working as an event and party organiser since graduating from the University Of Edinburgh in 2007- where most of her partying took place, like a typical student. Pippa Middleton is known as a bit of a party girl.

After she stole the show at Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, she was plagued by embarrassing photographs published by the U.S. websites. She was left embarrassed as hosts of websites in the U.S. have published some private pictures of the 27-year-old in her underwear, purple push up bra and a flimsy white slip.

The 27-year-old Pippa also in an Alexander McQueen dress like her sister, broke the rule of never wearing white to another woman’s wedding.

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