Pippa Middleton Bikni; Middleton's Family Complain To PCC

Pippa Middleton Bikni; Middleton's Family Complain To PCCWorld's one of the largest news network BBC wrote that the Middleton family has complained to the Press Complaints Commission after five-year-old photographs of Kate and Pippa Middleton and their mother, Carole, in bikinis while on holiday with Prince William on board a yacht off Ibiza were published in four newspapers.

The 5-years old snaps of the sisters with their mother, Carole, showed them swimming, diving and relaxing on and around a yacht off Ibiza. Furthermore, a spokesperson for St. James Palace has revealed that it would take action if an agency photographer were to pursue the famous couple, whose wedding is slated for April 29th.
According to the Middletons, the photos’ publication violates PCC code since the vacationing family had “a reasonable expectation of privacy” on the private vessel. They appeared in the News of the World, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and Mail on Sunday. Could this photo have promoted US owned Vivid Entertainment to offer Pippa $5,000,000 to film one pornographic scene?
Meanwhile more than seven websites in U.S. have published Pippa Middleton’s pictures, showing her past party days. The sexy photographs of Pippa Middleton showed the 27-year-old stripped down to a purple push-up bra and flimsy white slip with a semi-nude companion doing a close bump and grind dance behind her.
The BBC said the commission's warning concerned photographs taken by picture agencies, and on Wednesday several newspaper websites featured images of Middleton's mother and younger sister Pippa out shopping in London. Mail on Sunday and the News of the World advertised its story as “topless pictures of Pippa Middleton,” as she can be seen removing her top in at least one shot. source BBC News:

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