Osama Dead Pictures Are “FAKE”

U.S. officials did say to CNN that there are pictures of Osama but that his face is rendered unrecognizable due to a bullet wound. That photograph will likely be released later today by the White House.

CNN reports that the death photo of Osama bin Ladan which is circulating in the internet is “FAKE”. The death of Osama bin Laden has made worldwide headlines and everyone is looking for the death photo. Most people won’t believe he’s dead until they see pictures or videos. According to Pentagon officials, photos of Bin Laden’s dead face do exist but those widely distributed on the Internet are fake.

The bloodied image of a man with matted hair and a blank, half-opened eye has been circulating on the internet since 2009 which is fake. Pakistan’s largest TV network, Geo has also said that “The picture of Osama bin Laden’s dead body has been released. It is unverified”.

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