Joplin, MO Tornado: Horrifying Video From Inside The Twister

At least 89 people have been killed and hundreds injured after a tornado tore through the city of Joplin in the US state of Missouri, officials have said. A tornado has hit Joplin Missouri on Sunday 22nd May causing lots of damage and leaving the hospital heavily damaged and on fire.

Flights to and from Iceland were cancelled yesterday and Reykjavik airport is expected to remain closed today. The Detroit Free Press Is reporting that hard hit Joplin Missouri is reporting 24 deaths confirmed. On the other hand, a tornado killed at least 89 people when it scored a "direct hit" on Joplin, MIssouri, southwest of Kansas City. The eruption sent ash 12 miles into the air, closing the Keflavik airport at 4:30am on Sunday, MSNBC reports.

The height of ash plume has diminished to 11 kilometers (6.8 miles) from 20 kilometers, according to a statement from the Icelandic Meteorological Office. "It is not likely to be anything on the scale that was produced last year when the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted," University of Iceland geophysicist Pall Einarsson told The Associated Press. Officials said the ash plume was unlikely to affect President Barack Obama, who arrived in Ireland on Monday. Some people might be rethinking Camping’s predictions. Remember that a crucial part of his predictions involved the “camp followers” being taken into heaven and that didn’t happen. The Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, has declared a state of emergency and warned that more storms are on the way.

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