“The Edge Of Glory” Lady Gaga Mediafire

As she counts down the days until the May 23 release of her new album, Lady Gaga is on "The Edge of Glory." The Mother Monster confirmed that she is set to drop the new song, the third track off of Born This Way, on Monday afternoon. What a great excuse to put an old Lady Gaga photo on since we are sick of that one photo shoot she had for Born This Way.

Gaga wrote ‘Glory about her grandfather, who died in late 2010. It features E Street Band saxophone genius Clarence Clemons and she explains it’s “about your last moment on earth, the moment of truth, the moment before you leave earth.”

She then posted an image of herself nude, with her mouth open, her "Born This Way" cheek horns in place and her hair wildly cascading around her. "Out tomorrow 1pm PDT," she added in the caption. "Another shot before we kiss the other side. I'm on the edge of something final we call life."  The third single for the yet-unreleased album is out and it’s up to you to digest it how you want it.

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