Singapore model Eileen Yumiko stirred controversy for posing nude on beach

Singapore model Eileen Yumiko has stirred controversy for posing nude on a beach in the island republic.

"I came across these pictures on facebook showing a girl posing nude on a beach," posted a concerned reader on citizen journalism portal, Stomp. "I'm not sure where this beach is, but it appears to be on one of the nearby islands.

"The photos look artistic but is this considered indecent exposure? What if it took place on, say, East Coast Beach," he questioned. "Indecent exposure," commented another Stomper.

"Model poses stark naked on a beach for an outdoor group photography session. Even though this is not the mainland, this would be considered indecent exposure."

One netizen commented on Facebook: "Oh no... if kanna East Coast Park all accident at the bicycle track!!"

Another netizen wrote: "Which beach, can do like that?" Apparently, Eileen has done some artisitic nude shots before which she puts up for all the world to see.

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